About us

The Aryan AGRO brand is a reflection of our passion for HEALTHY COWS & PURITY OF MILK. Milk captures the imagination, sparks interest and ideas, adds colour and flavour, and makes us feel fulfilled and happy. We believe in the significant part played by milk, strengthening and protecting the body and mind to live a fuller, more complete life each day. We know that cow’s milk at its best represents the pinnacle of nutrition and health! The ARYAN AGRO concept is brought alive in the fact that the milk contains no preservatives, added fat or flavor. We don’t use any hormones or other drugs to boost the yield of the cows. You receive the MILK AS IT IS produced by the cows. The concept is to grow the feed and fodder of cows at our own farm,package the milk at the farm itself under the most hygienic conditions possible. Thereby ensuring the production of completely Pure and Natural Cow Milk-which is the promise of the ARYAN AGRO Brand.