Ques- What makes Aryan AGRO a superior milk?

Ans- Other kinds of milk change hands over ten times before it reaches you! Poorly fed cows are milked, then the milk lies exposed in farmers’ buckets that finds its way into larger unhygienic cans. Several such cans reach the collection centre from where the exposed milk is transferred to a chilling centre, often subject to power shortages. From the chilling centre, milk is transferred to a large milk tanker under Indian temperature conditions and over large distances, and then transferred yet again to a holding tank at the dairy. Milk poured into a process tank at the dairy goes into plastic pouches and then loaded onto a truck in distributor’s plastic crates. Milk lies indefinitely in crates–waiting to be picked up by the agent and delivery man. Milk finally arrives at your door almost two days later! As you can see, this milk is far from perfect, stripped of its vital goodness at every point. ARYAN AGRO milk is served fresh from Farm to your House in its purest form.

Ques- How is ARYAN AGRO milk different from other milk?

Ans- ARYAN AGRO milk arrives at your doorstep within hours of milking, at its freshest best. Milk from fine Dutch Holstein Friesian cows is instantly chilled and packaged in bottles in less than 3 hours! From nutritious feed to hygienic milking, from maintenance of the cold supply chain at 4ºC to bottling–the entire process is done under strict supervision in accordance with the best dairy practices in the world. Once the milk is transferred into barrier-proof bottles, the bottles find their way into the milk van where the same temperature is maintained right up to the point of delivery.

Ques- Why does milk have to be preserved at 4ºC?

Ans- Proper refrigeration is the most important factor in preserving the freshness of milk. Bacteria grows rapidly in milk above 4ºC, and may cause serious illness. It is thus extremely important to have strict quality control processes that ensure milk is maintained at 4ºC.

Ques- How does Aryan AGRO milk meet your nutritional needs for the day?

Ans- A glass of Aryan AGRO milk contains 285 mg of calcium (one-third of the daily recommended allowance), 8 grams of protein, and 3.6 grams of fat. Plus other essential nutrients such as biotin, iodine, magnesium, potassium, riboflavin, selenium, thiamine, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin K.

Ques- Is Aryan AGRO milk expensive?

Ans- ARYAN AGRO milk is everything that milk should be. It is fresh farm milk that comes from a fine breed of Dutch Holstein Friesian cows. The cows are given a planned wholesome meal every day, with specially grown high quality alfalfa, pennisetum, greens, soya and bran. This ‘Total Meal Ration’ is designed to keep cows at the pinnacle of health to provide nutritive, wholesome milk that is naturally full of goodness. The milking process is completely mechanised, and in conformity with international dairy standards. This degree of dairy perfection does cost money, but considering all that goes into its making, it is worth every penny! As an initial promotional offer we are offering one liter for INR 50 - you get the first sample free of cost

Ques- Where can I order Aryan AGRO milk?

Ans- You can subscribe to ARYAN AGRO milk by writing to us. You can fill up the order form and submit it online, or register yourself at the specified outlets.

Ques- To which areas is ARYAN AGRO milk delivered?

Ans- ARYAN AGRO milk is home delivered to almost all the areas in Lucknow- please get in touch to check if your area falls under our delivery.

Ques- How to check for various Neutrilizers/Chemicals?

Ans- Test for detection for SODA (sodium carbonate / sodium bicarbonate) – Take 5ml of milk in a test tube and add 5ml alcohol followed by 4-5 drops of rosalic acid. If the colour of milk changes to pinkish red, then it is inferred that the milk is adulterated with SODA. Test for detection for Formalin – Take 10ml of milk in a test tube and 5ml of conc. Sulphuric acid is added on the sides of the test tube without shaking. If a violet or blue ring appears at intersection of the two layers, then it shows the presence of formalin. Test for detection for Starch – Take 3ml of milk in a test tube and boil it thoroughly. Then the milk is cooled to room temperature and added with 2 to 3 drops of 1% iodine solution. Change of colour to blue indicates that the milk is adulterated with Starch.

Ques- What is synthetic Milk?

Ans- As the name suggests, synthetic milk is not milk but it is entirely a different component with a high degree of adulteration to increase the volume of milk and thereby the profit. Generally it is a mixture of water, pulverized detergent or soap, sodium hydroxide, vegetable oil, salt and urea. Now hordes of milkmen – especially in north India – are using rough and ready chemistry to create ‘synthetic milk’ that, taken in small daily doses, is Poison. The synthetic milk costs less than Rs.2 per liter to prepare.