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ARYAN AGRO Pure milk is the milk produced by cows fed on fodder that is free of pesticides and fertilizer. We don't give our cows any dose of antibiotics or banned hormones that increase milk production. The cows are made to graze in open pastures rather than closed pens.

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Chilling with Chiller Plants

Delivered in Glass Bottels

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How is Aryan Agro Milk different from other milk?

Abslolutely no preservatives - we supply 100% pure Cow's Milk.

Loaded with vitamins ( A,B,C,D,E & K ).

Has more beneficial OMEGA 3 and less damaging OMEGA 6.

Cows fed on fodded that is free of Pesticides & Fertilizer.

Emtire process under strict supervision, with the best dairy practices.

Aryan Agro Advantages

Arrives at your door step with in hours of milking.

Wholesome milk that is full of goodness.

Our Cows graze in open pastures.

We don't give our cows any dose of antibiotics or banned hormones.

We only use Glass bottles which are non-toxic.

We use milking machine which is more Hygienic.